Q & A With Superintendent Heinz Kuck

You’ve made it a purpose to support Victim Services in the very community you service – what can you say about that?

It’s simply been part of a natural progression within the human condition, an “evolution” if you will.  In my early years as an officer my focus was primarily on the pursuit of the criminal, getting the bad guy, locking up the drug dealer, taking the gun off the street. The “evolution” has now taken me passionately towards restorative justice, victim advocacy and community reclamation.


You are not only supporting a worthy cause, but as well leading a Toronto Police Division, what motivates you?

Seeing the results of my efforts becomes my motivation. Whether I coordinate a food drive to feed the hungry, collect clothes to warm the homeless, or raise funds for Victim Services Toronto, I always see the end results. I’m placed in this wonderful position to actually see and feel the joy, the hope, and celebration of the recipient, that’s the currency I want as payment, their moment of reprieve from pain and loss.


How intense is the training for the ElliptiGo?

 The ElliptiGo is an amazing specialty bike. It mimics running more than cycling as you use elliptical foot drives rather than pedals, you stand, as there is no seat, and as such unlike tucking into your bike frame for speed, you are affected by wind drag. Its movement is very efficient however, and a speed of 18-20kmph can be sustained. All my training is based on “cross training” principles, so in addition to ElliptiGo rides of 50km 2-3 times weekly, I will also do resistance and weight training  and other cardio work; swim, bike, run.


Do you wear different shoes when you’re training on the ElliptiGO?

I will change up with various running shoes, depends more on weather conditions than distance, I try to maintain dryness and comfort.


Do you have a tip for beginners?

Always try to make your training fun. I change distances, training partners, and destinations all the time, as well as trying new carb gels, and hydration mixes to see what works (and tastes) best. I also try to do my long rides in the early morning, on weekends, to avoid traffic congestion.


This is fun but sound arduous too, when do you find time to rest?

That’s the toughest thing I wrestle with, proper rest and recovery. We all try to prioritize our very busy day, we commute, we work, have family time, community obligations, training time, and then the little that’s left over is rest! I try to target 8 hours sleep each night, but usually have to settle for something closer to 6.